The NINMAA Association was created with the concept of having a group of highly qualified martial artists in different styles available to help martial artists and martial arts instructors become better at what they do. NINMAA gives martial artists a a common ground in which to advance the aspects that are common to all martial arts. NINMAA is an association and not an organization. Organizations tend to want to change and restrict you. Some organizations prevent you from developing, growing, and expanding on who you are and what you do. The NINMAA Association is here to enhance your abilities in the martial arts on the technical and the business aspects.

Ninpiden Dojo's offer a distance learning course! Kyoshi Randy
Weekley has spent close to 30 years training, mastering and teaching martial arts. For 17 of those years he has inspired thousands of students across the globe and continues to do so daily. As he travels, he seeks opportunities to train with many different martial artists around the world. The experiences he has had inspired him to found the N.I.N.M.A.A. association, so that martial artists from all disciplines can expand their learning by training and sharing information. In this spirit, he has created training programs for all of the Ninpiden Dojo's curriculum. You can now learn the techniques that are taught at Kyoshi Weekley's schools in Colorado and in other schools around the world. This program was developed in response to the many requests he has heard over the years from people who are interested in the Ninpiden Dojo's Training program, but who are just not able to make it to the Ninpiden Dojo's physical locations in Colorado. Kyoshi Weekley and the other instructors feel very strongly that the challenges of location and schedule should not limit those who wish to train in the martial arts of Ninjutsu, Jujutsu, Mixed Martial arts and Weapons. Belt ranks in all arts must be tested by Kyoshi Weekley or a certified N.I.N.M.A.A. Instructor. As with all physical fitness programs, we recommend checking with your physician prior to to beginning these programs. In addition, due to the nature of martial arts, safe training practices should be used at all times. Please read our hold harmless prior to training in any programs. By using any of our programs, you are agreeing to our terms. N.I.N.M.A.A. Members will recieve a 10% rebate on all training Programs.

Ninpiden Dojo LogoNinjutsu & Jujutsu
These arts form the core of Ninpiden Dojo's martial arts program. In these arts, you will practice the same elite self-defense techniques that were battle proven during the warring era of Japan. As a student you will learn to effectively defend yourself by using evasive body movements, joint lock controls, hand and foot weapons, throws, and mental awareness.
NDSS LogoNinpiden Dojo Sword System
The Ninpiden Dojo Sword system (N.D.S.S.) is a curriculum developed by combining several traditional Iaido and Bikenjutsu systems together. In this program you will learn proper sword manners, a variety of cutting patterns, sword postures, how to properly re-sheath your sword, chiburi techniques, as well as traditional Iaido patterns and Katas. Included in the N.D.S.S. are 2 Kata's developed by Kyoshi Weekley to compliment the regular sword training.

MMA Logo Mixed Martial Arts
Mixed Martial Arts integrates physical conditioning with Brazilian
Jujutsu and Muay Thai kickboxing to help develop practical self
defense skills and improve groundfighting ability in grappling situations.

(Advanced Tactical Training & Elite Combat) division teaches modern weapon tactical techniques in 3 levels, from basic weapons safety to full tactical training. We teach firearms classes
from the beginning levels through advanced tactical training in Close Quarters Combat, pistol, rifle, and shotgun
Ninpiden Dojo's Weapons Curriculum
The Ninpiden Dojo offers training in Sword, Staff (3 and 6 foot), Sai, Shuriken, Tanto, Escrima, Kusari Fundo and Nunchaku. They fulfill the requirement for N.I.N.M.A.A. Association recommended skills.

Filipino Martial Arts
The Ninpiden Dojo Filipino Martial Arts program combines techniques from various Filipino martial arts families. These battle tested self defense techniques were developed in the Phillipines over hundreds of years. Students will learn traditional manners, physical training, some basic tagalog language skills, blocking and striking skills with both stick and knife, proper stances and body movement..